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A Day With the Horses

Ireland has been my dream destination …. a fantasy land that I had always wished to visit. A two week vacation in this pristine European nation was just what the wanderlust in me craved. Also known as The Emerald Isle, Ireland is home to shimmering golden beaches, beautiful sheer cliffs, undeniable medieval culture, cheery cities, green verdant hillsides, leprechauns, hearty food and ancient castles.

Apart from the scenic landscapes, the country is also famous for the long horse racing festival – one

Why Street Food Wins Hands Down

You know you’re a true foodie, when you order a burger for your burger because, it looks hungry to you; when the kitchen is your favourite room in the house; when restaurant-hopping alone or with your friends/family is every weekend’s plan; when you majorly spend your money on buying food or food items; when you not only know what chopping is but also know the difference between chiffonade and julienne; and, so on.

You’re the kind, who is unafraid to try the exciting street-food and is equally comfortable having