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A Home Away from Home – Ireland

Ireland has been my dream destination or rather I would say a fantasy land that I wished to visit. A two weeks’ vacation to this pristine European nation was just what the wanderlust in me craved. Ireland is home to shimmering golden beaches, beautiful sheer cliffs, undeniable medieval culture, cheery cities, green verdant hillsides, leprechauns...
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Say Bye to Midlife Crisis with Yoga – My Experience

Sitting in the doctors cabin, my head swimming, thoughts whirling in a cesspool of how’s and why’s, I heard the doctor…he was barely audible when he said ‘’Do Yoga and Pranayam, it will help’’. Thus, began a journey of well-being. How do I define Yoga? Yoga is a guiding principal. A prayer. A meditation. A Practice. A philosophy...
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