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About Empowerment Solutions

Empowerment Solutions is meant to be your community page for Human Resource Management, Skill Development and Vocational Training related topics. We invite bloggers to write crisp and innovative posts to force a rethink and facilitate a rejig of how HR related matters are understood and addressed at the organisational, social, national and global level.

About Luxuriously Yours

Luxuriously Yours (LY) is a canvas, on which we invite the brushstrokes of your various expressions! A community page and public blog for avid writers, photographers, and anybody else who wishes to exclaim about everything that is a ‘luxury’, as we seek to redefine what the word itself means.

About Finevolve

Finevolve is not just any financial portal; it is meant to be the worldwide web’s greatest resource of financial information, a repository of real time global and national stock prices and such, a library of world news and latest R&D in the sector, a collection of varied investment tools and expert opinions, of training material and peer orientation, all customized to each visitor, like it was made just for them.

About Wynvent

Find the perfect property with Wynvent, a growing community of over 30,000 users and more than 5 Lakh options across Indian Cities. Visit the Wynvent website and search for properties anywhere, talk to agents, schedule visits and see facilities around the property.